Monday, December 17, 2012

Laugh Until Your Stomach Hurts!

The first time I checked out this amusingly-too-funny-for-words comedian on Youtube - he made me laugh, until I could not breathe at all and I was in pain! My stomach, my head, and my cheeks would hurt. And, so it was no surprise to me, when history repeated itself - yet another time. I was in the middle of watching this side-splitting video of this Iranian-American comedian on TED, when I decided I had to post this here! It would really be criminial if I didn't! 

Athletic in build, he juts, jerks and jumps on the stage, occasionally addressing audiences with his nasty grin. With material ranging from the current state of politics, between the US and Iran, to his marriage to an Indian woman, Maz Jobrani will literally, take you on an international journey of laughter! Now, the only way you don't know who Maz Jobrani is if you are in a coma, or in solitary confinement in Evin for protesting the inhumane use of solitary confinement. Yep, that's right!

Turns out, his routine has long been featured on CNN, CBS & his sketch comedy performances at the ACME Theater in Los Angeles, were hailed as “devilishly funny” and “extraordinary” by LA Weekly. He is so convulsively hilarious that you crack up, and fall apart from laughing so hard, and metaphorically speaking - you require remedial surgery. Well, almost. 

Don't believe me? Check this one out!

Through his brilliant and dedicated efforts, behind the 'Axis of Evil' comedy tours, and the latest incarnation 'The Sultans of Satire', he has been the brightly shining, ever since! So here's to 'The Knights of Prosperity'! I hope that it turns into the 'Nights of Prosperity' for Maz, and, he continues to entertain us with his gut-busting-funny-as-hell humor! I can't wait for the day when I will be attending one of his shows, live!  For now, I will get back to watching Maz do his job, & in the meanwhile, you can also begin checkin' out this hysterical video (for starters) and then, some more on Youtube, TED or his official website.

Oh, and by the way, I am not Maz's agent or anything - in case the applause above gave you any such hint! I just love his stand up style and his engaging grin! :) :)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

On Hiatus...

No words can even begin to remotely communicate the fullness and beauty of the moment which I am in. It's one. It's here. It's now & I have to tell you this - It's beyond words and beyond anything that can possibly hint at it's magnificence...

So until further notice, celebrate everything! That's what I'm busy doing...
Who ever said, we needed a confab for that?

I suggest you give it a try too. Words then will become redundant, and needless to say, you will be amazed! :))

Friday, December 30, 2011

2012? BRING IT ON!

Have you ever felt so alive and astir to this ever present moment that you could explode with all the joy and energy bustling within? Have you ever felt that you were one with all Creation, and merged into this ocean of existence in a way that there was nothing which was not you & nothing which you were not? Have you ever been stopped in your tracks by an occurence when you couldn't help but behold the beauty and the spell which that one moment contained? Have you ever taken a break from all the chaos, drama and deceptions which surround you, only to realize that this moment regardless of its appearance, is just perfect and in absolute divine order? 

Have you ever been astounded at the realisation that in all which unfolds before your eyes - YOU are always immeasureably blessed, loved and favoured by the Creator of the Universe? And even more so, when the surprise is kept hidden until it shows up? Have you ever felt as though this whole Universe was coming to hug you with arms wide open, and you couldn't soak all it's love and warmth because it simply overflowed? Have you ever felt this love when a 6 year old kisses you on your forehead, or when a 60 year old starts to wave you goodbye, but stops to place his hand of blessing on your head? Have you ever noticed how everything which exists - from the mundane to the most extraordinary - won't fail to inspire you, and enkindle the spark within, if only you are aware and open to it? 

Have you ever wondered how of all the illusions that beset us, perhaps the deadliest are those to which, for lack of better, we give the names of "Time" and "Space"? Yet how they only aid in bringing you home and all contrast that exists, only serves to bring you choice and discovery - which is one beautiful part of this adventure called life? Have you ever imagined the immesaureable and infinite potential this moment bears, sufficient enough to leave you awestruck? Have you ever felt as though time was fleeting and you wanted to grab hold of it, like this last day of the year, only to realize that it ain't going anywhere - it was, is, and will ever be Here.

Have you ever felt that nothing (yes, absolutely nothing) needs to happen, for you to be happy just where you are? Have you ever realized there is no darkness, ever so dark, that can diminish the light that you are? Have you ever realized that there is nothing that you can identify, whether you articulate it or not, that would be withheld from you, if you only believe? Have you ever felt so equipped and empowered that you could say- "This is not just going to be a happy new year, but the HAPPIEST ever" ? 

Have you??? Well, I did and I do. With the high and the low, the ebb and the flow, this year has been one amazing ride. Looking back, I feel there was so much which was both forgotten and supressed - thanks to the many fallacies and delusions that have been fed us since times immemorial. It was like an old trench coat that I needed to drop and several attempts over eras long gone just wouldn't allow for it. 

But like they say, the truth shall set you free! This freedom to have, do and be - all that I ever desired - is my gift from Ganesha in 2011! Infact, if truth be told, Ganesha is my gift himself! :) Someone truly beautiful recently said- "At the end, it makes you feel so blessed and loved that all the overwhelming emotions find vent in only this feeling - Gratitude!"

Looking down at me, I know you are smiling already. Thank you Baba - for all the people and experiences that you brought my way over these wonderful 365 days. Were it not for them, I would have neither come home to myself, nor found this treasure which had my name on it, ever since.

The list would be too long were I to start naming everyone to whom I am ever so indebted and grateful, but it's my sincere prayer that may all your days, in 2012 be full of bliss and love! That's all there is anyways :)

Oh, and I have sensed magic in the air :) Have you?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Take time to come home to yourself!

Plinky Prompt of the Week

What does Home mean to you?

Home is where the heart is...

Ummm...Nothing like it! Home is where the rags of your life are turned into quilts, lemons become lemonade and a few extra pounds are simply welcomed as more of you to love.

As we journey through life―dodging the occasional wicked witch―it’s comforting to know that a cozy bed, loving arms, and perhaps even a Munchkin or two await, just across the threshold. 

It ain’t just a place; it’s a feeling. 

And, to me it is serenity, comfort and relaxation..

It is where I can be naked- emotionally and physically. (Well, I was born that way. So don't stare at that screen like you were born all clad in a pair of Jeans & T-shirt already!)

It is where I run to when there is confusion outside, a place of comfort where secret is best kept even if it is a silken web. 

It is where the absurdities of the day can be shared―unchecked, unedited, and without remorse.

Yes, it is my Eden - a treasure worth seeking. 

Are you in Yours?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why Can't You?


 Here Stands God on the day of Creation...

 He looks at the stars and he says - "All you stars! Move yourself to this place & start in this order & move in a circle & move exactly as I tell you until I give you another word!"

 And they all obey him!

He then says - "Planet, pick yourself up in the world, mix this formation at my command , until I give you another word!"

And, rightfully it obeys, even to this day!

He Looks at the Mountains and He says - "Be lifted up!"

And then what happens? They obey Him!

 He tells the Valleys - " Be cast down!"

 Naturally, again they obey him!

    He looks at the Sea and says - "You will only come so far!"

Guess, what happens next? Yes, the Sea obeys! 

And then He looks at You and gently says - "Come!"



And you go-"NOOOOO! NO WAY!"

Ain't that making example outta you?

 Then, here you stand wondering why are you still where you are in life? Why is there no progress? Why all this pain & sorrow in the world? 

No wonder, you couldn't ever figure out! 

Having the free will to choose does not mean you take up the post of the General Manager of the Universe! The day you resign & let Him take charge, you'll realize that He's as capable of taking care of your own small world (Yes, better than you) as efficiently he sustains the whole Universe!

The freedom and peace doing that brings -nothing else does!

Go Figure!